fredag 9 oktober 2009

in my bag - julia

i wish i had a nice bag like this to carry my things in! but no, i have got a tote. pretty nice that too, i think.

you seems to like the post inthebag and i like that one too. so i thought that i could show you whats in mine. so, i start from left above. come along.

tygkasse // tote
gladiatorer // gladiators
fetinghalsband // multirow necklace
rayband clubmaster med tillhörande fodral // rayban clubmaster with belonging case
skivor: suburban kids with biblical names, fleet foxes och fever ray // cd´s: suburbans kids with biblical names, fleet foxes and fever ray
kosslurar // koss headphone
bälte // belt
hårspänne // hairbuckle
iphone // iphone
nycklar // keys
plånbok // wallet

källa: allt är stulet från julia

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